Discovering And Supporting Pioneers In Contemporary Fashion

Designer berlin

Ivy & Oak

A poetic portrait of beauty and ancient wisdom of nature has been invited to our wardrobe
Designer manila

Tipay Caintic

There is no longer a distinction between art and the life it imitates, maybe there never was. Fashion is not apathetic.It is most sensitive and susceptible to a nation's most idiotic mistakes
Designer paris

Simon Lextrait

Each every day gesture is a dance, each every day surrounding is a stage. The collection shows silhouettes both existing as flat pictorial representations and as shaped physical bodies in space
Fashion Film

With friends

Maria and Maleta was founded by two best friends and always tried to express the importance of Friendship
Designer new york

The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids

Considering the decadence of the internet which converts our world into pixels, equalizing the greatest achievements of art and film in the blink of a meme, elevating the antics of kittens, and hollowing out Proust, all to become a common, flat horizon of consumable content, to be feasted upon by a new species
Fashion Film


The film for Eun Byul Kim’s collection “Multiplayer” was born out of thinking of the garments as the materialization of the geometry a composer’s arms trace in leading an orchestra
Designer seoul

Young n Sang

Young n Sang is a men’s streetwear brand that was founded by a designer couple, Youngshin and Sanglim, in 2018. This dynamic duo met in middle school and has been together for the last 12 years
Event 16 February 2018 to 20 February 2018

Fashion Scout

Fashion scout, the international showcase for fashion pioneers, is the UK’s largest independent showcase for emerging and established design talent during London Fashion Week
Fashion Film

Bring Me Down by Alexan Sarikamichian

A melancholic young woman goes through a breakup. In order to drown her sorrows, she gets together with a group of friends who take her on a magical journey to relive her memories with her boyfriend, where she experiences the strongest feelings of a relationship
Event 15 February 2018 to 18 February 2018

London College of Fashion | MA18 Exhibition: Media and Communication

London College of Fashion, UAL is proud to announce that this year’s MA exhibition featuring work from its School of Media and Communication will take place at Bargehouse OXO. This raw, atmospheric exhibition space at the heart of London’s South Bank provides the perfect backdrop to present the very best up and coming talent from one of the world’s leading fashion colleges
Designer lisbon

Jolie Su

Collection Leisure Meret! is inspired by the designer's emotions and observations resulted from living in two countries simultaneously. Two distant cultures mixed together surprisingly create a Utopia
Fashion Film

Le Monde est à V̸Nous

A meeting between traditional classic dresses, typical of the Western world, and less conventional teen casual garments. The two different kinds of material and structural details speak to each other, creating a new transition balance oriented towards a more mature and aware clothing
Fashion Film


Aterius is a story all about Albino-Topmodel Shaun Ross. It is about the inner conflict, switching from the dark side of captivity in the inner prison of self-doubt and hate to the bright side of confidence, self-love, and acceptance over and over again
Fashion Film


J.Jung is a London based womenswear label and pursues elegant aesthetic. The most important characteristics of her design philosophy are textile and silhouette, mixing a range of unexpected materials such as wood and straw to create wearable silhouettes
Designer seoul


The concept of this Collection starts with mixing the 'Urban' and 'Utility' elements together. The military-inspired details are used with avant-garde touch, transforming the garment into a simple and contemporary form
Fashion Film

Materia Wound

Seeking a bodily encounter with our material world. It is a smooth space yet in constant movement, as a liquid pouring out of an emerging hole. Sensational as well as sexual, as a wound which does not heal yet does not bother you
Designer new delhi

Essé by Sahib & Sunayana

The design philosophy lies in combining the two different elements of simplicity and power in today’s world through clean, detailed and controlled style lines
Designer beirut


Incorporating architectural lines through different material, Margherita creates timeless jewellery, handcrafted by Lebanese artisans for the most part
Event 8 February 2018 to 10 February 2018

Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival

openhagen Fashion Film continues its talent programme, supporting young Nordic designers and fashion filmmakers by showing their films during the festival, giving away a financial talent prize at the Awards Show and subsequently presenting the films around Denmark and the rest of the world
Fashion Film

Wide Open by Dom & Nic

In this one-shot video capturing Ex Machina actress Sonoya Mizuno, we follow her as she moves through an open space slowly transforming herself into a synthetic version of herself
Designer new york

Odd Natives

Odd Natives is a men’s outerwear brand that combines urban aesthetics with luxury textiles
Designer Hatyai


Playful and quirky, Adisorn uses unlikely materials and object to create new silhouettes
Designer trieste


Stepping into nature evokes a childhood memory, like the way you feel after a new emotion.
Designer los angeles

Monica Seggos Los Angeles

One-of-a-kind gowns and Upcycled denim collection. Inspired by the rays of light in a studio shoot
Designer london

Verity Germer

Fashioned to remove wastage and allow for form and function to be integrated into the shape without forcing fabrics
Designer new york


Pia, Yali's founder, has traveled to China to find the most precious textiles and came back with this collection of organic silk velvet, hand dyed
Designer new york

Cat + King

Marking the start of a mission to be ambassadors of change in the fashion industry, as they push toward their goal of using sales to contribute to organizations that help underprivileged people all over the world
Designer london

Kate Vartan

The inspiration for Kate’s graduate collection, ‘Hole in One’, originated from her paternal grandmother and great-grandmother who both worked in male-dominated environments
Designer manila


A collision of experimental elements that create a beautiful mess
Designer seoul


The meaning of Hupot is to express that the potential of humans are unlimited and everyone can achieve their dreams
Designer london

Thread Studio Jewellery

Designing and creating unique contemporary fashion jewellery combining by traditional handcrafts technique, making the whole brand authentic and unique, even fresh
Designer florence

Veronica Spampinato

A fascination of cultures and the way that they influence our way of life
Designer copenhagen

Ellen Pedersen

Modernism looks to the maritime working-class environment, embracing the aesthetic, spirit and hard labour of fisherman
Designer tbilisi

Nino Sepo

Dreams can change our everyday lives and give us a sense of inspiration or easily destroy our minds
Designer berlin

Magda Abdel Hafith

A meeting between traditional classic dresses, typical of the Western world, and less conventional teen casual garments
Designer milan


inspired by the Renaissance’s perspective of nature and mix it with a contemporary version of an ethnic pattern
Designer hong kong


The past is the continuous inspirations of then, now and future
Designer tel aviv

Petit Pois

We believe that clothes are creations, and our wardrobe is where we store our fashion hoards
Designer brisbane

Surface / Cast

The revealing and emergence of materials cast within a form
Designer berlin

Verena Schepperheyn

An interplay of organic and geometrical forms characterises Verena Schepperheyn work
Designer barcelona

Kids of Broken Future

Kids of broken future is a fashion brand whose philosophy and lifestyle is focused on getting out of the present and creating the possibility of new futures
Designer paris

Hotel Bleu

Hotel Bleu for the dreams, the journey, the feminine meets the masculine. Inspired by the universe of a film, each collection creates an intimate, timeless and intense atmosphere. Shirts are essential elements of the man’s wardrobe, coordinate in all seasons for an outfit adapted to the high standards and rhythm of a contemporary life
Designer Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi

Para Platform

Representing a return to nature and primitivism. The Moscow-based brand goes against the grain, implementing its philosophy of 'deep fashion' by using only hand made labour and ancient types of stitching techniques
Designer helsingborg

Sofia Mollberg

The collection inspired by boys going through adolescence and growing up with social pressure
Event 20 February 2018


Now in its 15th year. Since its inception in 2002, Lee Lapthorne's On|Off has showcased some of the most exciting emerging international fashion designers of their time
Event 15 February 2018

NJAL Live-Stream | LCF MA18 Womenswear Catwalk Show

NJAL is pleased to announce that London College of Fashion's MA Womenswear Catwalk Show will be live-streamed at NOT to an eager, global community of fashion aficionados
Designer berlin

Crafting Plastics! Studio

Crafting plastics! studio brings 100% pure bioplastic made out of plants on the stage of our day-to-day life. We experiment, produce and collaborate, while having the whole product’s lifecycle in mind
Designer vienna


"Kenrokuen“ are the six attributes that form a perfect landscape garden according to the Japanese doctrine of gardening. Spaciousness, tranquility, artifice, antiquity, water cources, and magnificent views are the ingredients that inspired Gabriel Baradee to his 14th collection
Event 16 February 2018 to 20 February 2018

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week returns to the capital: here's what you need to know
Designer rome


Holism (from Greek ὅλος holos "all, whole, entire") is the idea that systems and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of part
Designer hong kong


According to the Book of Genesis, God created the heaven and the earth, and called the light “day,” and the darkness “night.” He was the master painter who used the sky as a canvas. Inspired by the beautiful sky she saw during her travels in Europe, Aries Sin attempts to portray at this presentation the changing sky from dawn to dusk
Designer tallinn

Relax Baby be Cool

Relax Baby be Cool was brought to life by a Mother-Daughter duo aiming to celebrate ancient traditions and historical art through recognition of local craftsman
Designer new delhi

Dhruv Kapoor

Multiple genres, cultures, and traditions come together in this eclectic blend of eccentricity and convention, spiced with a contemporary twist on individuality
Designer hong kong


The traditional “Si Duan” idea sought harmony between man and the universe and emphasised the individual’s ethics and morality. If people follow the belief, everyone is like family, and respect to each
Designer Łódź


Out of Academy of Fine Art in Lodz comes Alkai Garments, founded by Alicja Woszkowska. Structures, texture, and color mark the most recent collection from this womenswear designer
Designer san josé

De Polvo Y Viento

Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life
Event 8 February 2018 to 14 February 2018

New York Fashion Week: Women's

New York Fashion Week returns this season to showcase new and exciting collections and designers
Designer dresden

Nicole Scheller

The intrusion of visual and digital surveillance into our private spaces keeps happening more and more and is being accepted
Event 7 February 2018 to 10 February 2018

Helsinki Design Week

Helsinki Design Week presents the new faces and phenomena of design, promotes design internationally in collaboration with various partners and offers city citizens through design a forum to participate in developing and discussing the city and its culture
Event 5 February 2018 to 7 February 2018

New York Fashion Week: Men's

New York Men's Fashion Week returns this season to showcase new and exciting collections and designers